Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Had enough of BBC bashing...?

OK, so there have been significant flaws in the recent performance of the BBC... but I think a little context is required.  Yes, the reciept of the licence fee makes the BBC liable to a greater level of public scrutiny that most other organisations and yes there seem to have been some recent mistakes and some historical cover ups.  But there isn't enough to justify the recent BBC bashing, it almost seems as though some people are using these issues as cover to stage a greater raid on what they see as an overly-liberal arts organisation.  Surely not!

Anyhow, had enough?  This should help get you back in the mood...

I feel a letter to someone coming on... 'Defend your BBC!' (and please make another series of Sherlock.  Oh, and Luther too while you're about it).

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