Thursday, 16 August 2012

Summer holidays....

... Are not the reason I'm a teacher, but they are certainly a mega bonus :)

It gives me a chance to do loads of things with the C-dawg which we normally wouldn't have the time to enjoy.

Last week the bonus activity was camping with my family.  We were lucky with the weather as while camping in the rain is crappy, camping in the rain with a 2 year old is crappy-squared.  As it was the sun shone and all was well in the world (6 hours sleep a night notwithstanding)

Fun time activities included all the classics: the beach, a petting zoo, bike adventures, meeting your cousins/aunties/uncles for the first (first while being a conscious human at least) time, scoffing camp food and riding in wheelbarrows...

From phone dumping camping holiday charlie august 2012

These are the days you talk about in years to come when he is tired of the stories of 'when he was little' and you are tired of the stroppy teenager he's become :)