Monday, 6 February 2012

Charlie content at last....

The snow meant snow-adventures!  This involved a lot of clothing, wellie-boots, hats, gloves and Charlie's adventure backpack filled with a drink, a satsuma and a biscuit.

First stop.... the bushes to do some crawling and exploring!  Easy if you are two feet tall, tricky if you are 5'8" and wearing a large childcarrying-backpack.

Then lots of walking, a park visit, a trip to look at the diggers in the nearby building site, some snow kicking and ice-dropping-down-drains and finally some 'my legs are tired' sitting down.  All in all 90 minutes of walking, no carrying and only one meltdown (some snow fell down his collar).  A good mornings work :)

All this was enough to tire anyone out.  Luckily we were in possession of Charlie's favourite read, 'Farmers Guide'. There was time for 10 minutes catching up on the latest farming machinery and ploughing tips before a nice nap.

Happy days!

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