Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Friday, 20 January 2012

Better start training....

Dear Moseley LUKE,
You have already pre-registered for the CCC® race.
The draw has taken place and we have the pleasure of confirming your registration for the CCC® race!
You must finalise your registration as from 20/01/2012 and before 30/01/2012.
Here is the procedure to follow :
- Go to 
your runner’s file, and click on the bubble "my registration 2012".
- In the frame, "state of your registration" will appear the text "Draw"
- Click on the button "Finalise my registration" ; you will access the payment page for your registration.
- chose the options which interest you
- you may now add a donation, amount of you choice, to the charity "Les Amis de Children’s Home", a charity which helps children in Nepal
 (more info., click here). In advance a big thank-you on their behalf!
- the system shows you the total to be paid
- click on "Bank card" and undertake the online payment with your bank card (system of safe payment)
- you will receive a confirmation of your registration by email, with, as an attachment, the 2012 medical certificate which you must use
Due to the large number of people who have not been lucky in the draw, and to be as fair as possible, we are being very vigilant concerning the application of the rules. In particular, we would like to remind you that your registration will not be definitive until your qualifying races are verified. In the case of an incorrect declaration of qualifying races, non-conformity of the regulations or falsification, the organisation reserves the right to cancel your registration without reimbursement according the rights of engagement.
We wish you an excellent start to the season !
Les Trailers du Mont-Blanc

Friday, 13 January 2012

Canada for President...

or Prime Minister! I'm pretty sure they could do better than the Eton-Westminster private school coalition love-in we've got at the moment.

Thanks to for the link.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Thanks Warwick

For the video link.

You think you could get insurance for a race like this in the UK...?

Junkyard Cross Race from Erik Silverson on Vimeo.