Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Camping is very British...

and so is inclement weather.  Nevertheless the Moseley-Liddington-Wills-Atkinson clan braved the elements and camped like never before.

Charlie's at a great age, lots of giggles and keen to help with everything.  Sometimes his assistance is not very helpful though, like when I'm of putting up the tent.

From Camera roll

Or trying to organise things on the beach...

From Camera roll

Or trying to make it back to the tent & keep warm before it started to rain...

From Camera roll

The undisputed highlight of the week for Mr C was Becca's stomp rocket. After sitting and carefully watching Buster, Milo and Keir playing with it he wondered over and decided it was time to launch it himself...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

I'm not that keen....

on training for another IM.  The 6 hr bikes, 3 hr runs and basic removal from real life put me off.

But if I did, I'd do the Norseman.

Monday, 1 August 2011

The holidays are here...

Which obviously means it's time for a photo of Charlie with a bucket on his head.

From Starred Photos

We're blessed with wonderful grandparents (at last Charlie is!) and with their help we've been away for a week sans Mr C.  It's never easy to leave him behind but he's not a fan of 5 hour bike rides, 40 degree heat or long days travelling.  He is a fan of attention though, and so 7 days being spoilt by Grannie Annie and Grandma Mo was a treat for him!

So we spent a lovely week here.  Having been to lots of training camps, both organised and DIY style, I can honestly say Idlebreaks is as good as the very best.  Peaceful, great pool, excellent riding, quiet roads (eerily quiet, like one car an hour quiet, where was everyone??!?), big climbs and fantastic hosts.  Everything you need for a perfect break.

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From Starred Photos

Huge thanks to Andy and Tracy for being so welcoming and looking after us so well.  We're planning our next visit already.