Saturday, 16 April 2011

I peed red but didn't set a PB...

The jury is still out on beetroot juice.  Well, we're all in agreement that it tastes minging, it makes you feel sick and it turns your excretions red.  We're just not convinced as to whether it makes you go faster.

The TT went ok.  I suffered and felt like a dog.  I also broke a spoke after 3 miles on the 1080 which was a bit of a pisser (expensive to repair and it rubbed for the remaining 7 miles... you'd think the remaining 19 spokes would be able to keep it in true!).

Back to the point.  My PB for the Leo course is 21:50 with an average power of 340 W (quarters of 350, 350, 340, 330).  I went 22:50 with an average power of 330 W (360, 340, 320, 310).  Easy to see that I need to pace it better!  I wonder if the juice made the first 5 min of 360 feel so easy, did it lull me into a false sense of 'Cancellara-ness'???

A couple of weeks off (Majorca bound!) then back on it.

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