Friday, 3 September 2010

Catching up...

I guess it it inevitable that posts become less and less frequent, but hopefully quality is inversely proportional to quantity... basically I'll try and make this a good'un.

6 weeks have flown by and the following have occurred:
We have a new bathroom, which despite being done by a plumber seemed to take me lots of time!
I have spent lots more time with Charlie (the telling sign being that I can recite his routine without having to rack my brain or worry about looking foolish - feel free to test me).
We spent a great 2ish weeks in France and I am the proud wearer of the Gingermans-tan (i.e. a slightly off white)
I've done no racing, other than the COBCC hill climb in which I finished jnt 2nd, good enough for me, esp as I managed not to vomit.  Result.

These photos hopefully sum up the summer with notes to help explain the significance...

From france holiday summer 2010

Steve joined P, me and Mr C in Provence and got much, much better.  He even enjoyed climbing huge mtns, not bad for a big guy.  This is the top of the Ventoux, after we'd stopped feeling awful.

From france holiday summer 2010

C was obviously the center of attention and it was great to spend lots of time with him.  A big reminder (as though we needed one!) that life as 3 is harder than life as 2.  Training camps used to be ride-eat-rest-swim-rest-eat-run-rest repeat.  Now it's C-ride-C-C-C-C-C-C-eat-C-C-C-run-C-C-sleep.  Funnily enough you don't get as much training in, or recover as quickly.  It is more fun though :)

From france holiday summer 2010
Esp. doing things like driving upto the top of the Ventoux with pizzas for photos and a sun set.

From france holiday summer 2010
Did I mention Steve was motoring?  Here he is smashing the final meters of the Bedoin route. His first words, "Once I got into it I loved the last 10km..."

From france holiday summer 2010
Of course, since C is my son he carries the mighty ginger gene.  Thus when all the local kids are splashing about au-naturel C has to be encased in a lycra swim-suit and matching silly hat.  Oh well, best he gets used to it now, the rest of his life will be spent looking for shady spots or wearing t-shirts on the beach, unlucky!

From france holiday summer 2010
Although he did get out and about for some good runs and rides - the Chariot was awesome, if you have a nipper and you want to be active you must get one of these.  He's not quite old enough to shout 'faster faster' but it won't be long!

Charlie did get ready for his swimming debut with lots of dry-ish land kick work...

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