Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sports geeks only...

With the new bike set-up almost sorted (just the Zipp 808 to come) things are looking ok on the TT front.

Certainly the nicest bit by far are the SRM/Sram Red cranks - having ridden with power for about 6 years now it's great to finally get some real race data. Both P and I have ridden with our Powertap wheels on the road in C grade TT's and road races but it's not quite the same... you know you're disadvantaged and somehow that just seeps in. So tonight's 25 mile TT was the first proper race data.

The plan was to ride between 330 and 300W (I estimated that my threshold was about 320W on the TT bike), trying to pace it... holding back on the climbs and pour it on for the downs.

That basically happened but I overcooked it on the first quarter (ave power 332W) and suffered on the last quarter (ave power 315W) so there's still learning to be done there. I also had to have words with myself as my cadence kept dropping (98 rpm ave in 1st quarter, 90 ave in final quarter). As fatigue set in developing power felt easier at lower cadences, despite the power not being as high... and as a result my quads are in pieces.

The end result is ave power of ~320W (so my guess of TT FTP was spot on) which, on a flat course should give me a ~55 min 25 mile. The question is could I, with better pacing & a bit of race training, get 335W? That'll give me 54 min. Got to be possible...

Oh - almost forgot obligatory Mr C photo. Note touch of ginger :) The meek may inherit the earth but we all know that the Gingers really hold the balance of power in the Universe.

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