Monday, 26 April 2010

11 and 39

I am totally off the pace with this. But with Mr C now sleeping through (11 pm to 6.30 am) it's possible to resurrect the weekly commute. The first of this year was a pleasure, perfect windless sunny spring morning. I saw 5 cars on the whole 15 miles.

And as an added bonus it was Zen-Field time...

As an aside we marshalled the Hereford Duathlon on Sunday (giving us a warm glow).

And even spotted one of these! A point if you can name what it is (I'm quite proud of the out of focus shot, looks like a hurried snap of an Alien from Area 51).


GeeTee said...

That's a Sinclair C5, Mr Moseley.
Big hugs from the Sandpit, G & V.

Luke Moseley said...

Good spot GT - you get the points :) For triple points, can you name two other inventions by the same bloke? (no Google allowed... but both of them were a little more commercially successful than the C5)