Monday, 26 April 2010

11 and 39

I am totally off the pace with this. But with Mr C now sleeping through (11 pm to 6.30 am) it's possible to resurrect the weekly commute. The first of this year was a pleasure, perfect windless sunny spring morning. I saw 5 cars on the whole 15 miles.

And as an added bonus it was Zen-Field time...

As an aside we marshalled the Hereford Duathlon on Sunday (giving us a warm glow).

And even spotted one of these! A point if you can name what it is (I'm quite proud of the out of focus shot, looks like a hurried snap of an Alien from Area 51).

Hearing the first giggle...


Monday, 19 April 2010

Not really a political blog but doing the survey made me think...

It's easy to feel powerless in today's society. But if a General Election doesn't give you a feeling a power then you need to review your history. If voting doesn't inspire you, imagine not having a vote.

But if you've got one you've then got to decide what to do with it. Not so easy. You probably have a political leaning one way or another, and are likely to be one of the ~80% of people who vote the same way in every election. But if you're not then you matter. You may be a classic floating voter, ready to give your slice of power to whoever you feel is listening to you. Or you may be a tactical voter, as I find myself, looking to maximise the likelihood of your preferred outcome (an irritating twist of our 'first past the post' system). Either way, it's not a bad thing to question what really matters to you and compare that to who you 'will' vote for. I did...

Take the Who Should You Vote For? UK General Election quiz

Liberal Democrat35
UK Independence-13

You expected: LIB

Your recommendation: Green

Click here for more details about these results

Thursday, 8 April 2010

It did...

hurt. Last post was the night before the 3-up. We did well, both in the 'having confusingly named team mates" category (me, Griffer and Giffer - makes it easy for me to shout motivation!) and in the overall (we won). Happy days.

From april 2010 3 up tt and 25 mile TT

P, Deadly Nedly and Grimer also acquitted themselves admirably, esp once they'd actually warmed up rather than hide in the back of the car drinking coffee!

From april 2010 3 up tt and 25 mile TT

The following week was the first proper TT of the year, the local open 25. New bikes, borrowed fast wheels (thanks Clive @ COB and Simo) and dialled (hopefully) positions. Needless to say Charlie-man was up for it in his white 'Eurostyle' skinsuit & retro cloth cap.

From april 2010 3 up tt and 25 mile TT

And no, I don't have a problem with sad Dad photos of my son in contrived poses... just so you know.

I also don't have a problem of photos of me looking like an idiot... like when I tried on the full skinsuit - pointy hat setup (note cycling slippers - a soon to be hit for cyclists everywhere who like to combine 'fast' with 'relaxed at home').

From april 2010 3 up tt and 25 mile TT

Morris was in attendance (and huge thanks to Katy Morris for Charlie-minding for a bit!) so we had a bit of reunion.

From april 2010 3 up tt and 25 mile TT

The fact that he was off 2 mins behind me was motivation enough to work hard enough to coat the sleeves of my new skinsuit in snot... nice. Time was all good, just under the hour on a sporting course and more to come, hopefully!