Saturday, 27 March 2010

Spring is sprunging...

And life is normal, at least, as normal as life is in that Charlie-man continues to be pretty cool.

From charlie 10 weeks

And we even managed to squeeze a smile-for-the-camera out of his (although this involved a lot of raspberry blowing by P!).

From charlie 10 weeks

It's also normal that I am hanging out for the end of term (in this case Easter). With only 4 work days to go every morning when the alarm going off it's a clear 'one less' type moment.

I've struggled to cope with an increase in training intensity as we've put in some proper suffering in the lead up to some races. This is definitely the hardest part of training yourself, balancing the desire to suffer more (i.e. to get quicker faster) and the need to take things slowly. History clearly tells me that I don't respond very well to high intensity work... but that without it I can't go fast. It's a quandary...

At the moment pain is coming from Tuesday turbos and Wednesday track sessions - everything else is steady away. I do day dream about the runs/rides I'd like to do but there is no way to make it happen at the moment.

Tomorrow is a 3-up TTT... the word on the street is Griffer is going well. Hmmmmmmmm, this might hurt.

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