Sunday, 7 March 2010

Clocks Change Soon...

but not soon enough. Spring is in the process of sprunging but I'm hanging out for a bit more sunshine in my day.

Took the C-man out for my first proper outing with the jogging buggy. Without meaning to I'm in danger of becoming someone who moans endlessly about poor quality pavements and inconsiderate people. How hard is it to walk in single file when you see someone with a buggy coming towards you (esp when they are wearing an 800 lumen headlight??).

From march 2010 charlie dance

On a positive note I finally made it to Herefords strech of smooth cycleway and was bashing past a group of cider drinking yoofs at 8pm on a Friday night. I was expecting a bit of heckling... but not the "That's F***king cool" I got :) Who would have thought it? No buggy and I'm a lycra wearing T**t, push a buggy and I'm elevated to cool! Charlie wasn't that bothered though...

From march 2010 charlie dance

1 comment:

Bobby J said...

Nice work Mokes, glad to see you are still using the slow exposure function on the camera too :0)
I think what the yoofs were refering to was one of two things:
i) C-units super cool bear outfit
ii) The fact that he was being pushed around at night like something from the back streets of Bejing.
Sorry dude, not you...:0)

PS. Thought I'd get you a little red dot from the middle east incase you didn't already have one on your viewing map!