Saturday, 27 March 2010

Spring is sprunging...

And life is normal, at least, as normal as life is in that Charlie-man continues to be pretty cool.

From charlie 10 weeks

And we even managed to squeeze a smile-for-the-camera out of his (although this involved a lot of raspberry blowing by P!).

From charlie 10 weeks

It's also normal that I am hanging out for the end of term (in this case Easter). With only 4 work days to go every morning when the alarm going off it's a clear 'one less' type moment.

I've struggled to cope with an increase in training intensity as we've put in some proper suffering in the lead up to some races. This is definitely the hardest part of training yourself, balancing the desire to suffer more (i.e. to get quicker faster) and the need to take things slowly. History clearly tells me that I don't respond very well to high intensity work... but that without it I can't go fast. It's a quandary...

At the moment pain is coming from Tuesday turbos and Wednesday track sessions - everything else is steady away. I do day dream about the runs/rides I'd like to do but there is no way to make it happen at the moment.

Tomorrow is a 3-up TTT... the word on the street is Griffer is going well. Hmmmmmmmm, this might hurt.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Chemical Warfare...

is illegal under the rules of war (as I understand them, although I haven't recently read that particular clause).

Why then should my son be employing this tactic?

From charlie week 10

Although it's pretty clear he's not too fussed about resorting to cruel and unusual punishments as he's been using a little bit of noise torture too!

From charlie week 10

Only manic rocking in his baby thing would placate the little monster :) Having said that he's now sleeping/planning his next attack so it's quiet time. Happy days.

I do think, though, that he appreciated Steve's effort to make his race bike child friendly...

From charlie week 10

It certainly seemed to pay off as Steve went 10% quicker and rocketed himself from 31st last year to 11th this year. Hard work = less time racing. P and I reminded ourselves that racing hurt and both finished 4th. All good (although still need to tweak the TT positions a little - ouch!)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Clocks Change Soon...

but not soon enough. Spring is in the process of sprunging but I'm hanging out for a bit more sunshine in my day.

Took the C-man out for my first proper outing with the jogging buggy. Without meaning to I'm in danger of becoming someone who moans endlessly about poor quality pavements and inconsiderate people. How hard is it to walk in single file when you see someone with a buggy coming towards you (esp when they are wearing an 800 lumen headlight??).

From march 2010 charlie dance

On a positive note I finally made it to Herefords strech of smooth cycleway and was bashing past a group of cider drinking yoofs at 8pm on a Friday night. I was expecting a bit of heckling... but not the "That's F***king cool" I got :) Who would have thought it? No buggy and I'm a lycra wearing T**t, push a buggy and I'm elevated to cool! Charlie wasn't that bothered though...

From march 2010 charlie dance