Sunday, 28 February 2010


Charlies first race today! A guaranteed PB. Given the wintry conditions he wisely wore his bear suit and slept the whole way round.

From feb 2010

From feb 2010

With a 48 min 10 km under his belt he's got his medal and t-shirt.

From feb 2010

My race plan went slightly aray, looking to do sub 35 min. Ran the first km in 3 min, not wise. Didn't do sub 35 min... did have a great time :)

We're still waiting to get out of the most wintry winter I can remember. This is normal conditions for morning rides.

From feb 2010

P's battle to regain her fitness continues with long rides in the wet and cold and it doesn't pay to be second wheel in weather like this :) but no one has ever got fast without eating some grit.

From feb 2010

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Just set the benchmark for this seasons fitness with the first 2x20 on the turbo.

Hit 330W for the first one and then died a thousand deaths on the second for 310W. The hardest session in at least the last 6 months.

What did you do today?

Friday, 19 February 2010

Half term break...

Was much needed. Some serious chilling/coffee drinking and Mr C's first road trip went down as planned and all is good.

Returned to Norwich for first time in over a year. It seems to get better the longer I haven't lived there. Not for me the nice 50m pool, not for me the lovely relaxed cafe culture or the cycling friendly bike lanes and the company of hoards of cyclists. Oh no, those things appear once I've left to pastures new :( Having got over that we spent time enjoying some family time and the help of Grannie-Annie. Including getting my annual culture inoculation with a trip to the Sainsbury Centre.

From charlie 6 wk

We also spent time scoffing mini-gingerbread-us's... (sad as it is we couldn't bring ourselves to eat mini-gingerbread-Charlie, although I'm not too happy with the idea of it mouldering away either)

From charlie 6 wk

Plus we've been testing out the Chariot. How cool is this? Best purchase in ages.

From charlie 6 wk

We've done a couple of little runs with it (inc a track session) in jogger mode and a short ride towing it behind the cross bike. So far so brilliant. Charlie seems to be unfazed by it and tends to just fall asleep, his natural reaction to anything outside our house.

He has, however, been spotted with his eyes open, this is a step forward.

From charlie 6 wk

Although spontaneous non-fart-related smiling has not been achieved at this time (baby books don't fart-related smiles 'proper' smiles. However, since he's a boy, and boys find farts funny, I think it is a proper smile).

We've also found what we hope to be a great childminder just round the corner. We dropped him off for his first hang out with her this afternoon and got out to ride together for the first time in ages. We'd forgotten how hard and cold it is!

From charlie 6 wk

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Itchy Eyes...

Are my key indicator or sleep status. Scratchy eyes used to mean 'go to sleep'. Now they mean 'you are awake'.

Funny thing is I wouldn't change it for he world :) As P and I find our routine again all is good.

From charlie week 3