Thursday, 14 January 2010


Being a father is just that, magic! We're trying to get into a pattern where I give him the last feed of the day and chill with him till midnight so P can get some sleep. It's something I am loving doing, spending a quiet hour together chatting (he's not very chatty yet though), staring at each other, nappy changing (that's not so great) and feeding. He seems to wake up more in the evening so we spend a bit of time staring at each other... at least I stare at him, he gazes in unfocused black and white at the circle that is my face.

Back to work on Monday, this is not something I am looking forward to. In fact it's enough to make me buy a lotto ticket.

From charlie day 8 and hereford in snow

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Mel said...

Mel here ... well done you two/three! I am so chuffed for you both!!! I would love to hear from you when things have settled...???!!! Let me know your number or email address so we can get back in touch. You know where to find me... Mel, Gav, Ewan and Ellen-Rose. x x x