Friday, 22 January 2010

Limiting factors...

I'm a scientist at heart. I like logic and plans. I like measuring things and data. However, as time moves on and my 'pure' scientific training fades further and further into history I'm finding that I depend more on a few concepts that I picked up then but which seem to work now.

One of these is the idea of limiting factors. Whatever direction or field you want to make progress in there are always limiting factors slowing you down. It makes sense to me to identify as many of these as possible and then examine them in terms of a) the magnitude of their effect and b) the time and effort you'll need to expend to change them.

Right now, and for as far ahead as I can see, the limiting factor in my life is sleep. 15 days in it's really starting to hit me (and I'm getting a lot more of the big S than Paula is) and so is the realisation that it normal now.

My previous mechanisms for coping with lack of sleep (promising myself a lie in at some time in the future, getting a early night or even a power-nap (the young persons forty winks)) are all useless now. The only strategy is...

Thanks to Elias for the link, and apologies to anyone of a puritanical disposition.

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