Friday, 29 January 2010

Need bringing down to earth?

Try this...

He's banned for 2 yrs for doping... his wife is jealous of all the attention so she has a go on the juice too! How depressing.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Limiting factors...

I'm a scientist at heart. I like logic and plans. I like measuring things and data. However, as time moves on and my 'pure' scientific training fades further and further into history I'm finding that I depend more on a few concepts that I picked up then but which seem to work now.

One of these is the idea of limiting factors. Whatever direction or field you want to make progress in there are always limiting factors slowing you down. It makes sense to me to identify as many of these as possible and then examine them in terms of a) the magnitude of their effect and b) the time and effort you'll need to expend to change them.

Right now, and for as far ahead as I can see, the limiting factor in my life is sleep. 15 days in it's really starting to hit me (and I'm getting a lot more of the big S than Paula is) and so is the realisation that it normal now.

My previous mechanisms for coping with lack of sleep (promising myself a lie in at some time in the future, getting a early night or even a power-nap (the young persons forty winks)) are all useless now. The only strategy is...

Thanks to Elias for the link, and apologies to anyone of a puritanical disposition.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Being a father is just that, magic! We're trying to get into a pattern where I give him the last feed of the day and chill with him till midnight so P can get some sleep. It's something I am loving doing, spending a quiet hour together chatting (he's not very chatty yet though), staring at each other, nappy changing (that's not so great) and feeding. He seems to wake up more in the evening so we spend a bit of time staring at each other... at least I stare at him, he gazes in unfocused black and white at the circle that is my face.

Back to work on Monday, this is not something I am looking forward to. In fact it's enough to make me buy a lotto ticket.

From charlie day 8 and hereford in snow

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


We've just done what may turn out to be an stupid decision (or an inspired one, time will tell).

We've booked flights to Majorca for the end of May. Charlie is going on this first cycling holiday! The bike trailer is ordered and this is what we're dreaming of...

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

10 and 40

I's so far behind schedule now that it's not even funny. I squeezed in half a commute today (but i'm counting it as a full'un for the 50 challenge) as I needed to get in and write my reports.

From charlie day 6 and ride ot work in snow

Sunday, 10 January 2010


life reaches it's new balance, and when that'll happen I have no idea, I'll mainly be blogging about Charlie rather than cycling/running/swimming.

I've never been one for really getting into small children, they seemed boring and non-interactive. When the small child in question is yours however, it all changes. Amazing.

From charlie day 3

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

W - O - W!

Charlie has landed! The most amazing couple of days have totally changed our lives.

From Charlie Birth - Jan 2010 - New Years Day 10 km

He popped out at 6.15 am on Tuesday the 5th after 12 hours of labour. P was an absolute hero and worked so hard to be a great mum while managing somehow to try and be thoughtful for all the staff who were caring for her (she didn't even swear!!!!!!!!!!!!). She also made what seemed to me to be the wisest decision in the world and had an epidural - what she was going through requires me to recalibrate my pain-scale. It's not patronising to say how incredibly proud I am of her, it brought tears to my eyes to see her working so hard and to think of how difficult the last 37 weeks (and esp the last 3 weeks) have been. I think an easy(ish!) birth is the least she deserves after a tough pregnancy.

From Charlie Birth - Jan 2010 - New Years Day 10 km
(Charlie 5 mins old)

We are fantastically lucky to have had such amazing doctors, midwives and healthcare assistants looking after P and Charlie. Not only was the quality of care second to none, but the amount of support offered blew us away. The consultant stayed late to check on P and break her waters, and then called in the middle of the night to check all was ok. All the midwives were wonderful and for the 12 hours of P's labour we had 1-to-1 care and attention. When Charlie was struggling to breath when he was first born he was whisked to the SCBU and not only looked after with supreme efficiency and care but time and energy was put into making sure I knew what was going on and could be with him all the time (even typing this makes my eyes go a bit moist - must be something in them!). We honestly couldn't thank them all enough, they made a huge difference to the whole process.

From Charlie Birth - Jan 2010 - New Years Day 10 km

P had another night in hosp to just recover a bit and get her head round caring for a nipper and to try boob-feeding. I picked them both up this morning and drove them home though the snow - a beautiful first day outside.

We even took him out for his first walk, on a front holder thingy and wrapped up in my puffer - brilliant.

From Charlie Day2

Saturday, 2 January 2010

ETA is tomorrow...

This has been a tough couple of weeks. Charlie now has a definite ETA, the consultant, after reviewing Paula's notes, suggested inducing her at 37 wks + 2 days... i.e. this Sunday. Although it's what we wanted there was still a noticeable sense of 'Argh' in the air.

That gave 5 days to prepare our heads (although when would anyone's head be ready for this sort of thing?), attend Paul's funeral and finish tiling the Kitchen. Not much then.

On verge of total meltdown.

Charlie -1 days... prepare the landing zone!