Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I am weak....

I had a story to post where I was going to make fun of how tough it is training in the snow and cold.  We've done some good hours in the snow and cold and the garage.  I was pretty pleased with myself and also a bit down for being a bit sub-par with a cold/cough.

The I saw this....

How tough was your day?

Friday, 17 December 2010

Sunday, 12 December 2010

It's not all about going faster...

We all know that a more expensive bike is rarely faster than a cheaper one, and now the power of science has shown that to be true (I especially like the conclusion!).

But that's missing the point. Riding my bike fulfils many different needs in my daily life and I can say with some certainty that riding a shitty bike would reduce the pleasure that I get every single time I roll out of the garage.

People of the world, shake off the shackles of crap bikes... unite under the banner of reliablity and shininess that is the modern bicycle. Embrace gears that work and brakes that stop you. Throw away your EverReady 'lights' and buy something that actually illuminates the street. Spend now and you won't regret it!

First long ride...

... in ages. Me and Rivers, 50 miles. 3 hours. 1 banana. 1 energy bar. 2 bottles. 1 squirrel.

From Downloads

Fortunalty Rivers survived the incident... the squirrel didn't.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The current focus...

is to get faster in the water. It's no surprise that I'm not the only one and I need to take (steal?) inspiration from any and everyone. If that person is Olympic gold medallist and seemingly really nice bloke then so much the better :)

the andrews TRAILER from swhitfield on Vimeo.

I've been to Amazon, I've got the u/w camera, I'm in the game!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

From becca buster hettie winter frost running

And, as long it as it continues to be freezing but dry I'm all for winter...

From becca buster hettie winter frost running

Our current plan of long family runs on Saturday mornings is a winner - although we're a lot more tired than Mr C afterwards!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Leaves are falling for a reason...

... and it's because they're knackered after a hard summers growing.

The Moseley household (at least the senior members) feel the same, a hard summer watching & helping Charlie grow has taken it's toll! We're both hanging a bit and need to take a bit of time to chill and recharge. Our hopes for hitting the cross season have evaporated a bit and we've cut our plans back to just keeping C happy and healthy, getting work done and sleeping a lot.

This is a work in progress but Mr C seems to be enjoying himself (no change there then). He's even been improving his oral hygiene and support Uncle Bobby at the National XC (running) champs... go Bobby go!

From rob and gills weekend nov 2010 charlie eating

From rob and gills weekend nov 2010 charlie eating

From rob and gills weekend nov 2010 charlie eating

ps it's our local Cross tomorrow - Deadly has pulled out all the stops to organise a cracker so get your cross on and get down to Foxely Estate, Mansell Lacy. Under 8's and under 10's start at 10.30. Under 12's at 10.45, youth at 11.15 and Senior/ladies/junior/vet's all start together at 12.15.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Long runs and no-C days...

The big lap went well. Much better than expected in fact.

30 miles off road. 4 hr 26 mins. No blisters. Smiles for the first 20 miles. Some serious developments in my 'find the ultimate pain face' quest. 1st place! Happy days.

Great also to catch up with old friends on the start line (my old University tutor no less - I like the small world).

Big thanks to Deadly and Bex Potter who braved the rain to cheer and of course P and Mr C who found a bit of sunshine during the day.

From 30 mile black mtns challenge and holiday in rhayder

By the end I was more than a little shattered and was suffering from both severe leg soreness and a bad case of head-band-itis. Apologies to any followers of fashion!

From 30 mile black mtns challenge and holiday in rhayder

In the following week we've had a new, and odd, treat. My mum and P's mum joined forces to look after Mr C and we had 4 much needed nights in a Welsh B&B. We slept in till 8 am (for the first time in 10 months) and read a lot or newspapers. We did, of course, manage to sneek in a couple of mtb rides, a couple of mtn runs and a nice long walk.

From 30 mile black mtns challenge and holiday in rhayder

From 30 mile black mtns challenge and holiday in rhayder

It's odd to feel almost normal again... odd, but nice.

On a different track, Mr C has been practising for Halloween...

From 30 mile black mtns challenge and holiday in rhayder


And... massive congrats to Freya - a follower of this blog - for passing her driving test! Zoom zoom!

Changing my mind..?

As someone whose degree was totally state funded and who received a not insubstantial grant from the public purse I used to be surprisingly flippant about the introduction of tuition fees. The recent huge cuts to the University budgets and this article have made me think again...

But should 'everyone' have to pay for an individuals choice to pursue a more financially viable career? Let's face it, most of the bankers who were responsible of the current disastrous state of the national finances got a free university education courtesy of the taxpayer.

And shouldn't all students have a responsibility to pay for their own fake moustaches & wigs??

From cycling peaks screenshot

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sometimes you eat the bear...

and sometimes it eats you. Shameless direct steal from Slowtwitch.com but originally from The Dude.  I've been ignoring the bike a bit of late as I prep for 30 mile mtn marathon.  I've never run 30 miles before, and it being off road might make it a bit trickier, but I felt like it was time to mix things up again and push out beyond the comfort zone.  It's worked, I've struggled a bit but it's meant a forced change in habits and made me get out to places I would have missed out on...

From charlie in the bath and Crickhowell Cross

It's a week on Saturday... we will see who eats whom :)

Of course that's not the big news. Warwick's visit was brilliant and saw some trails ridden and beers drunk (7 bottles of Stella no less, more in 4 days than in the entire preceding 12 months). We were really lucky with the weather and hit Afan in perfect condition on Monday. Empty and perfect.

From charlie in the bath and Crickhowell Cross

Charlie continues to be the most wonderful thing in the world, and no I don't have a problem with being an out and out 'happy dad'. He eats like me...

From charlie in the bath and Crickhowell Cross

and smiles like Paula...

From charlie in the bath and Crickhowell Cross

What of P? Well she's been doing the Cross I should have been fitting into the running (it'll come, don't panic). Clive has come up trups with two matching Euro-white Cube cross bikes. Ultegra'd up and speedy speed speed!

From charlie in the bath and Crickhowell Cross
From charlie in the bath and Crickhowell Cross

What are you doing this weekend...?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

6 year cycle....

Every six years or so Warwick and I catch up. In 1996/7 it was Timaru (NZ), in 2003/4 it was NZ again & W stepped up to be my best man. 2010 see's Warwicks first UK trip... so we did what had to be done & went riding.

From warwick and charlie crawling and risca cross

All NZ residents please note the rear Crudcatcher mudguard. W almost died of shame when I pulled his loaner bike out of the garage with a 'mudguard' on. I think the fact that his brakes were on back to front took his mind off the humiliation!

From warwick and charlie crawling and risca cross

Guard your ankles...

and please excuse the 'Dad-speak', it's got the the point where I don't even know I' doing it. Want Charlie to do something... best to speak in a stupid voice!

Saturday, 18 September 2010


can go either way. Take ingredients you like, mix them together and the result can be more than the sum of the parts, or a foul mixture.

In this case take a little bit of getting up early, some cold morning, 12 miles of running and some wet feet (the last ingredient isn't totally vital). Mix vigorously and you get...

From run morning off road steve john tetly andy taylor


Monday, 6 September 2010

Timetrials are...

painful, boring, frustrating, difficult, un-fakable and addictive (in a weird sort of way).

Yesterday was the National TT champs and P and I rocked up. I wimped out and raced Masters (30 to 35) and P raced Senior Women.

It was good to have C there to keep our feet on the ground as Bradly Wiggins and Emma Pooley rode past.

From bttc national tt champs 2010 + walk with charlie

P had a strong day and was 12th of 25.

From bttc national tt champs 2010 + walk with charlie

I was a bit weak and was 9th out of 13... more training (or resting, not sure yet!) needed.

Other weekend news is... early morning Saturday walks are working to blow away the been-awake-with-a-grumpy-Charlie cobwebs.

From bttc national tt champs 2010 + walk with charlie

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Friday, 3 September 2010

Catching up...

I guess it it inevitable that posts become less and less frequent, but hopefully quality is inversely proportional to quantity... basically I'll try and make this a good'un.

6 weeks have flown by and the following have occurred:
We have a new bathroom, which despite being done by a plumber seemed to take me lots of time!
I have spent lots more time with Charlie (the telling sign being that I can recite his routine without having to rack my brain or worry about looking foolish - feel free to test me).
We spent a great 2ish weeks in France and I am the proud wearer of the Gingermans-tan (i.e. a slightly off white)
I've done no racing, other than the COBCC hill climb in which I finished jnt 2nd, good enough for me, esp as I managed not to vomit.  Result.

These photos hopefully sum up the summer with notes to help explain the significance...

From france holiday summer 2010

Steve joined P, me and Mr C in Provence and got much, much better.  He even enjoyed climbing huge mtns, not bad for a big guy.  This is the top of the Ventoux, after we'd stopped feeling awful.

From france holiday summer 2010

C was obviously the center of attention and it was great to spend lots of time with him.  A big reminder (as though we needed one!) that life as 3 is harder than life as 2.  Training camps used to be ride-eat-rest-swim-rest-eat-run-rest repeat.  Now it's C-ride-C-C-C-C-C-C-eat-C-C-C-run-C-C-sleep.  Funnily enough you don't get as much training in, or recover as quickly.  It is more fun though :)

From france holiday summer 2010
Esp. doing things like driving upto the top of the Ventoux with pizzas for photos and a sun set.

From france holiday summer 2010
Did I mention Steve was motoring?  Here he is smashing the final meters of the Bedoin route. His first words, "Once I got into it I loved the last 10km..."

From france holiday summer 2010
Of course, since C is my son he carries the mighty ginger gene.  Thus when all the local kids are splashing about au-naturel C has to be encased in a lycra swim-suit and matching silly hat.  Oh well, best he gets used to it now, the rest of his life will be spent looking for shady spots or wearing t-shirts on the beach, unlucky!

From france holiday summer 2010
Although he did get out and about for some good runs and rides - the Chariot was awesome, if you have a nipper and you want to be active you must get one of these.  He's not quite old enough to shout 'faster faster' but it won't be long!

Charlie did get ready for his swimming debut with lots of dry-ish land kick work...

Friday, 30 July 2010

Progressing fast...

That's both him and us.

He's now sitting up, most of the time...

And getting really good at eating solids...

And making himself dirty...

We are managing to get a few mountainbike rides in. I'd forgotten how much fun it is, and didn't realise how much I'd missed it. We're lucky to have so many great things to be able to do, but there's something about riding dry singletrack that takes your mind somewhere peaceful in a way that nothing else can. You should try it.

The logistics of it haven't got easier though!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Monthly update....

Enjoy some photos... words below.

Smiles are worth a million dollars - and you hope you'll never forget them, so you take a lot (!) of photos :)

Not done this in a while (12 months to be honest). Had forgotten how much fun (and how hard it it is!!)

We were both down to do a 25 mile TT but I was feeling weak so enjoyed being team support with C. P is warming up here, with C watching carefully. P went really well - 58:39. Zoom zoom. Must be my coaching ;)

Mum and Tim came to visit - always nice :)

C is ever growing, finally filling out this excellent b-grow (a gift from Graeme and Vernice in Saudi, thanks guys!).

Save the best till last :)

Monday, 21 June 2010


... got to be the most significant thing of the past month or so. We had a fantastic time, once our bags arrived! Travelling with the C-man does add a certain layer of complexity to the whole process but we were super lucky to have Steve helping out and being calm. Even C's best efforts to make things tricky by deploying a nappy-busting poo the instant we boarded the plane wasn't going to knock us off track!

To cut a long holiday short the weather, the riding and the company were all great. We had sun and sea for swimming...

Sun and good roads for riding...

And lots of Charlie-time too...

The nanny/babysitter we found was great (I would be happy to recommend Susan if anyone is thinking of following in our footsteps and combining a small one with a training holiday) and, allowed us to get important us time. He even upped his game in the face of a new person to impress and started to put both his feet in this mouth at the same time AND roll over. Is there no end to his talents :) ?

If you are planning such a trip I would also recommend taking along two friends who have a similar outlook on life to you in terms of immaturity level (low most of time, high when needed), attitude to food and training (more is better) and who are super flexible around the C-man's whims. Thanks Bobhead & Steve :)