Sunday, 27 December 2009

Needing some quiet time....

The person in our lives who is at the beginning of the life cycle isn't being very considerate given the current challenges and keeps trying to throw a spanner in the works. So far this week we've visited H-ford hosp twice, once for an abortive effort by Charlie to appear 4 weeks early and once for Paula's 2nd intestinal obstruction. I would quite like all this business to end to be honest and to have a nice healthy Paula & Charlie... so please cross fingers. Each visit to the hospital leaves me grateful to live close to such a good hospital and to have the resources of the NHS to hand (Hannan you couldn't be more wrong)... and amazed how it can be right to charge £3 p.h. parking at a hospital.

Of course, the impending arrival of a baby gives people carte blanche to shop for incredibly cute clothes. Cue Bob's & Gills present for Charlie...

From Christmas at Rob and Gills 2009

Here's to a peaceful New Year. My mantra this week is 'spread the love' - do as you will.

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