Friday, 4 December 2009

9 & 41

A beautiful frosty morning, but no proper Shepard's warning, so I used my new ninja rear light (bought in an effort to fend off the more proximity friendly cars) to make a little red glow all of my own.

From commute and p - bump

I'm aware that I'm in danger of becoming a little evangelical - but it was perfect to have the world to myself.

From commute and p - bump

In the bump department things are proceeding as expected. That is to say slowly and tediously (for P at least). All the women I've spoken to have split pretty much into two even Marmite camps, 'Loved it' or 'Hated it'. I think it's safe to say P is quite sure she is in the latter camp. Unfortunately there is pretty much nothing I can do or say to reduce the suffering, beyond the normal offering sympathy & support. If my belly looked like this I wouldn't be too chuffed either!

From commute and p - bump

Now I'm no doctor (medical :) ) but aren't normal bellies symmetrical? Charlie-the-unborn seems to be a bit lop sided. I hope he straightens himself out or we'll be entering him in the worlds first circle swimming contest.

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