Sunday, 8 November 2009

Good week...

In lots of ways. Best to approach in traditional shopping list format.

1) Smashed #2 of the 'need a challenge' to-do list. Almost popped a hernia doing it, but did it nevertheless. 17%? Check! Singlespeed (38-16 FYI)? Check! Pink bike? Check! Grunting? Check! Zigzaging? Check!

2) Tracy Moseley (here) if officially really really nice. I contacted her to see if she was willing to officially open the new bike shed that I've been involved in constructing at school. She was nice enough to take time to come to school, nice enough to totally wow the kids and nice enough to sign autographs all while maintaining a big smile. She was even nice enough to smile all the way through a very painful interview with the local media. In my book she's a fantastic ambassador for our sport and our country :)

The added bonus was she donated a signed race shirt to school. How much self control will i need not to hang onto a world-cup-winning signed shirt with "Moseley" across the shoulders??????! Just gutted I was so busy making sure her visit went like clockwork I forgot to get a photo for the blog - apologies.

3) Got my x on to a reasonable level of success. Blackweir Pk - Cardiff. All good with great support from the family Grimes and Potter (all photo credits to I. Potter)

From blackweir park cross + crib + turbo t-shirts

I. Potter showed excellent lens skill for a first time x-snapper. I esp. like this one - making me look faster than I really was.

From blackweir park cross + crib + turbo t-shirts

I do need to work on my position though. I'm not sure a normal spine is supposed to bend like that? Any suggestions bike people? Morris?

From blackweir park cross + crib + turbo t-shirts

4) Got the turbo up and running for the winter. It's been so mild thus far that I haven't needed it. And no I do I've a sneaking suspicion it's talking to me:

From blackweir park cross + crib + turbo t-shirts
I'm not immune to these subtle messages... it's just that I'm not sure about their meaning. Will keep eyes peeled for more.

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