Sunday, 29 November 2009

Busy busy...

Last weekend was the biannual COBCC challenge ride. Format was just like a mini-sportive without the timing (choice of 30 and 50 mile routes, excellent signage, free tea and cakes, insurance etc), all for a fiver. We had 105 riders so that means 105 quid to charity , and almost enough left after the insurance and printing etc for the club to buy a tea urn for the next one - happy days.

From communte, COBCC reliability and bobby night ride nov 2009

Mega thanks to Deadly Nedly who lent us his tandem to facilitiate us getting in the mix. We had a great time and did a shortened route so 'Charlie' (the unborn one) didn't run out of gas. 7 months now and counting :) Notice P's slighty unsure expression... would you want to get on a tandem piloted by me?

From communte, COBCC reliability and bobby night ride nov 2009

I'm now on 8 and 32. I've also been broken by this hill:

From communte, COBCC reliability and bobby night ride nov 2009

Gears have been fitted and I hang my head in shame! Still, it doesn't matter what gear you ride, it's always worth it to see this at 7 am.

From communte, COBCC reliability and bobby night ride nov 2009

Finally - nipped up to sunny Mansfield to get looked after by Gill + Rob & to get beasted by Rob's alter ego Bobby-J. He dragged me to the trails for a spot of night riding and it all came flooding back to me. It's been ages since I've ridden my mtb and even longer since I've ridden off road a night. What a rush :)

From communte, COBCC reliability and bobby night ride nov 2009

In classic Bobby style, notice how the mud doesn't stick to him. Now that's Pro!

From communte, COBCC reliability and bobby night ride nov 2009

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


As I ponder the universe, and wonder about what to do with my time, Ironman often crops up as worthy of a revisit. It's just got a nice ring to it, everyone can identify with it and there's enough challenge to make it interesting. There's a good group to train with in Hereford and Bobby would be a mine of good info (if I could keep up).

A couple of things put me off though:

1) The commercialisation - M-Dot is a franchise akin to McD's. You know what you're going to get (says me who hasn't done an M-Dot race!), it'll be slick and efficient... but a little too 'American' for me. There are alternatives though which brings me to #2

2) The drafting. 1500 racers and one road? Result is...

As a biker that's not my bag.

vid-link credits to both Bradders and Bobby

Sunday, 22 November 2009

You heard it here...

Thinking of dripping some of your hard earned cash on a new steed?

Perhaps it's time to think again, Eddy "The Cannibal" Merckx - the man who could arm wrestle Lance for the title of 'worlds greatest ever cyclist' has fessed up.

He's just signed a deal for his bike company to provide Quick-Step with bikes for next season. His quote..? Well he started unsurprisingly with "I am proud to take the plunge with a top team like Quick-Step, our bikes are top and can certainly stand alongside the other brands. " (note excellent Euro use of the word 'top')

but then popped in the winner "But in cycling it is not like in the Formula 1, where the car makes the difference."

You speak the truth Eddy - you speak the truth.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

We all know...

That running can be painful. No more so than cross country. Forgetting my last experience I stepped up again - and hurt again. More climbing and more mud helped time pass a bit quicker so it panned out as easier this time. I was also a little wiser with my pacing strategy - 'start steady and contine' rather than 'belt off like a muppet and blow up'.

Also bonus was lots of Hfd Tri Club to share the pain/love with - impressed by the number of smiles in the photos!

If you can be bothered to watch the show you'll notice my look of discomfort upon finishing a milisecond before I adopted my preferred recovery position.

Photocredits - P Moseley

Done a turbo session today?

P (+ 7 months of Charlie to be) has... although apparently he/she didn't help much though!

From p preg on turbo

That can't be comfortable... and really makes your excuse for not training look a bit weak, wouldn't you say?

Need to lose weight?

Belly's gonna get you...!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dangerous times...


a lot of training needed though... would the legs stick it?

6 and 44

These posts may bore the pants off you... but that's not my issue. Sad as it maybe, at 6.20 am on a rainy Nov morning every bit of motivation is needed.

Once you're out the door it's always worth it though.

From commute and cycle to school

Stopped to take this photo and ended up standing there for 5 mins watching the sky change from red to pink (it had stopped raining by then). Totally peaceful. Perfect way to start the day.

44 rides left... 30 weeks of school till summer. As our American friends say, "You do the math".

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Isn't always caused by injury.

You know when something is happening that is really uncomfortable socially but you are powerless to stop it? Not sure what I mean? Then imagine watching a friend doing a presentation unaware that they're flying low... or seeing your mate try their best chat up lines before you have the chance to tell them they have a big piece of brocolli in their teeth...

... or standing in shot while a really really painful and forced video interview takes place where the guest you invited is hit with questions that don't flow and where no one really knows what's going on...

I organised this, feel my pain...

At least I wasn't flying low... although my barnet def. needs attention!


Notched up another ride last week but there's no hiding from being well behind schedule on the '50 rides in a Yr' school commute. Must try harder.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Good week...

In lots of ways. Best to approach in traditional shopping list format.

1) Smashed #2 of the 'need a challenge' to-do list. Almost popped a hernia doing it, but did it nevertheless. 17%? Check! Singlespeed (38-16 FYI)? Check! Pink bike? Check! Grunting? Check! Zigzaging? Check!

2) Tracy Moseley (here) if officially really really nice. I contacted her to see if she was willing to officially open the new bike shed that I've been involved in constructing at school. She was nice enough to take time to come to school, nice enough to totally wow the kids and nice enough to sign autographs all while maintaining a big smile. She was even nice enough to smile all the way through a very painful interview with the local media. In my book she's a fantastic ambassador for our sport and our country :)

The added bonus was she donated a signed race shirt to school. How much self control will i need not to hang onto a world-cup-winning signed shirt with "Moseley" across the shoulders??????! Just gutted I was so busy making sure her visit went like clockwork I forgot to get a photo for the blog - apologies.

3) Got my x on to a reasonable level of success. Blackweir Pk - Cardiff. All good with great support from the family Grimes and Potter (all photo credits to I. Potter)

From blackweir park cross + crib + turbo t-shirts

I. Potter showed excellent lens skill for a first time x-snapper. I esp. like this one - making me look faster than I really was.

From blackweir park cross + crib + turbo t-shirts

I do need to work on my position though. I'm not sure a normal spine is supposed to bend like that? Any suggestions bike people? Morris?

From blackweir park cross + crib + turbo t-shirts

4) Got the turbo up and running for the winter. It's been so mild thus far that I haven't needed it. And no I do I've a sneaking suspicion it's talking to me:

From blackweir park cross + crib + turbo t-shirts
I'm not immune to these subtle messages... it's just that I'm not sure about their meaning. Will keep eyes peeled for more.