Thursday, 29 October 2009

need a challenge...

but what? Being a good father seems pretty reasonable but that doesn't start till Jan 2010 though (hopefully).

I need something to tide me over till then as little goals prevent staleness. I'm happy to go for little things.

So far:

1) Don't waste eyes open time. Watch less crap TV and resist the urge to stay up and do pointless things. Make sure time awake is positive (note that I am typing this at 11:45 pm, need to work on #1). Basically this translates as 'get to bed by 10'.

2) Get up Capler on the Pink Singlespeed by christmas (set of exercise books in panniers optional)

3) Hit 17 strokes a length in swimming and be able to swim a 1:30 hundred while breathing every 7 (Bobby - take me on!)

4) Stay on target on the 50 commutes challenge. Hit 15 by Xmas.

Anything to add? What's your micro-challenge? Want to throw down a mini-gauntlet?


Alastair said...

here's a few more for you to try!

Zangolin said...

Luke an MTb challenge:-
Ride the downhill course at Cwmcarn - twice!

Tim H

Luke Moseley said...

cheers gents - i've done the Cwmcarn d-h Tim... but on an XC hardtail very slowly. I think it's a bit different on one of your bikes :)

Al - nice! I'll give the showers a miss, but till take up the pressups challenge. My previous pb was 60 (5 years ago when toying with joining the Marines)... 100 would be satisfying!

Bobby J said...

no worries on the 17 strokes per length, doing 11 in the 20m pool at the mo so we'll hit 17 together visit.