Saturday, 31 October 2009

moving... backwards...

a change to normal service this saturday as a late call from Bobby signalled a trip to Mansfield to help Gill and Bobs move. No problem there, a challenge for my not-so-mighty guns, but doable.

Unfortunalty Bobby needed me to step into his shoes as first runner for his local running club at the national cross country relay championships. He needed to do the serious moving but didn't want to let his team down. Admirable.

I think he thought i could still run. I can't. 18:09 for 5 km put me 100 out of 150. That would have been ok if I had started in 100th position. I didn't. 3rd row of the grid anyone? The first 3 km passed as though i was running backwards slowly through a large herd of thin, largely goateed, gazelles.

Lesson to be learnt... know your place :)

Oh - new hse is nice... just ever so slightly smaller than ours... only by a tiny bit though.

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Bobby J said...

Mokes - been catching up on your old blogs as for some reason the box that I needed to check to keep up to date with you hasn't been....checked!
Thanks again for the moving help and the speed shoes @ XC event.