Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Hard work...

Cross is hard work. Luckily for me i've put in a couple of sessions in... and so far they've been blessed with good evenings...

From paulas family, cross and track

Luckily I've also had great support, esp from P and, as a bonus for one week only Mum and Tim. This I needed as the zip wasn't there at Crickhowll (Rd 3 of the Welsh Cross Series), lack to zip combined with a strong field and my inability to stay rubber side down (exp. through the sand pit - whats with that!) meant I finished 6th. Good enough, but not fast enough.

Ben Simmons was largely responsible for my time in the hurt locker, pushing pushing!

From paulas family, cross and track

Best bit of the week so far has been the two velodrome trips that I've done with the school. It was fanstastic to watch their expressions as we walked up the tunnel and they saw the banking for the first time. Within 30 minutes they are all charging round... teaching can be great :)

From paulas family, cross and track

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