Monday, 28 September 2009

There are so many things...

I should be doing that are probably more important than posting this video... but, to be honest, none are more worthwhile.

Watching this at the end of a long day turned my mood from s*it to hit... try it - it might work for you too!

All credit to Micky Le Peche for spotting and linking me into it - thanks!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tri and Cross...

A funny mix but certainly a good one. The cross season is firing up while the tri season is winding down.

It was great to be able to participate in both Bala and Ludlow Tri's. The nicest part of looking back is, to state the obvious, that the enjoyment came 1% from the race and 99% from the people who I raced with. Also, and this is somewhat new for me... a huge part of the satisfaction came from other peoples performance. Either those that I coach directly or those that I help on an informal basis and who improved and were kind enough to say I helped them. That's a mega buzz :)

The thing about tri though is you really need a slippery bike to hold your own - and slippery doesn't come cheap. Luckily for me Big Dave T came up with the loaner wheels and I rummaged around the spares bags in the garage to build a teflon machine. However the saddle wasn't designed for triathlon... yes it is as painful as it looks.

From bala and ludlow tri

Bala first... another perfect day. Early morning mist on the lake lifted to a blue-sky stunner. I held the same time as last year (due in no small part to the 2 weeks training in Provence) but had to go mega deep to do it... as rumour would have it 10th pace is the 9th loser but it's good enough for me :) Steve, Stuart and Marc all showed the way forward too.

From bala and ludlow tri

Ludlow today was totally different. A sprint+ distance (400m, 26km, 6.25 km), a pool swim and lots more friends competing.

From bala and ludlow tri

From bala and ludlow tri

It was tops to have P racing too (all on heartrate for those of you worrying about the future Mokes).

From bala and ludlow tri

P claimed 5th woman while 'Charlie' stood on the theoretical podium as 1st feotus. I squeezed every ounce of Ginger Power out of the legs and managed to hang on for the top spot - happy days.

Like I said this weekend is the watershed for cross and tri. Last tri today - first cross next Sunday (got a ninja bike coming from Climb On, watch this space). Cross practise sessions started last Tuesday (all COBCC club members welcome - give me a call) and the brave ones showed up to get their cross on!

From bala and ludlow tri

And of course Deadly Nedley had to go to the next level with his new cross shoes. "You can race in them and you can dine in them..." what else could you ask for?

From bala and ludlow tri

Saturday, 26 September 2009

I'm not a big fan of...

Rapha stuff. It's a bit 'too cool' for me. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be smooth enough, Pro enough and rich enough to afford their stuff (not to mention have a loyalty card at the local laundrette to get all the white kit they sell clean after i'd accidently looked at it the wrong way and made it dirty... you know what I mean... yes you do). But I'm not. So instead I scoff at people who have forked out for their kit, while feeling slightly jealous that I havn't made the lifestyle choices necessary to buy bib shorts at £145 quid a pop...

Anyway, mini-rant over. I do however like (and can afford to watch) this...

Col de Espresso Challenge from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Things move forward...

but stay the same. It's great to see the seasons change and frequent readers of this blog (and there may well be at least one) will know that autumn ranks with spring as the months of choice here at Chateau Mokes&P. The temperature drops, bringing relief to us Gingers and the chill in the air stimulates activity... a welcome contrast to the lethargy of summer.

Autumn this year means changes are afoot. 'Charlie' (unofficial name of our foetus) continues to grow in line with expectations which is fantastic.

From ventoux august 2009

We're also continuing to modify our lifestyles to accommodate the changes needed in response to Charlies existence. This is not easy, but every little adjustment leaves a nice feeling of preparing for something that we both want a great deal.

It also motivates us to look back on some of the fantastic things we've done, things that perhaps we won't do for a few years as we shift our foci onto being a family of 3 rather than a team of 2.

From ventoux august 2009

Like climb the Ventoux. P was awesome during our holiday. Super careful about moderating the intensity and happy to spin away and get up all the climbs. It made hitting the summit even better - big smile factor.

And as for sister Beth... wow. What a monster effort, it goes to show what fitness can be developed with regular commuting and a 'no car - no worries' attitude.

From ventoux august 2009

It was slightly odd doing tough rides by myself... missing my training-life partner while looking for a different perspective. The solo highlight? Getting our mega early when the rest of France was asleep and tempoing a 60 min silky smooth climb as the sun rose over the hills. Perfection.

From ventoux august 2009

And finally (there should always be an 'and finally') a photo to strike fear in every Wrangers (slang for Ginger... a bastardisation of Oranatang) nightmare. I applied SPF 50 to my back, but not my front, then swam for 60 min in an open air pool. I guess UV light can reflect off the bottom of the pool. This was not funny then, although it is now.

From ventoux august 2009

Monday, 14 September 2009

First things first...

I need to apologise on behalf of TalkTalk for the continued lack of bloggage. They are sorry... so they say. I'm not impressed. But that is water under the bridge.

Second thing is second... I need to post a photo-stream to thank those involved in the new Mokes&P garage... you may think Sad, but you just don't know :)

Many more catch up posts to come and heaps going on (Cross is upon us, Tri has been reborn and P is growing a mighty fine baby inside her!) - check back soon now normal service has been resumed.

You'll need Flash ;)