Wednesday, 12 August 2009

So long...

to get internet connected! I have tried posting from various internet cafes and spent ages sorting the last post only for the crappy internet cafe to break (yes, the whole place broke).

So much to report. Did have photos but USB stick doesn't work here. Sorry.

London - Just got back from Biannual pilgrimage to the Big Smoke. Great to see family, and to be reminded of their importance (not that i'd forgotten, but it's nice to be reminded by the pleasure of spending time with them). As a unexpected bonus, arrived early in Hyde Park to meet up and, in wandering around, bumped into the Lido there. Brilliant. Open air, sun shining and 100m long. It's a fenced off area of the lake so take your thermal skimpies... but if you've got time to kill i can't recommend it enough (i suggest to do what i did and grab a double espresso from their little cafe before getting in, even in August it was a little fresh - after 30 mins i was proper cold... but happy!). Managed to bash our a couple of km in the mid morning sun - spot on :)

House - I am the king of mini-DIY. Had brilliant photos of a workshop build that Clive, Stu and Chris Egan helped with. Needless to say the garage is the first room to be finished, and finished in style.

Baby - still growing and we're still adjusting. I'm trying to get used to being slower, but it's not easy. Not a bad experience, but after 15 years of trying to get faster, letting yourself get slower is a challenge. To be honest though, much harder for P though - i don't have a leg to stand on there. She is being a hero and will make a fantastic mum :)

Coaching - getting back into it and loving it. It's fantastic to work with athletes who are as committed and enthusiastic as me. I've been reminded of what's important... that you and the athlete 'click', if that happens anything is possible.

Racing - nothing for ages then Bala tri coming up. I'm a little apprehensive, last year i had a great day. I'm not sure how to set my expectations in advance... we will see.

Photos will follow. Off to France for 2 weeks so have patience!

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