Wednesday, 29 July 2009


In an internet cafe so going to keep it brief.

New home

Is done. No internet at home (cheers TalkTalk - cheap, but rubbish service).

A week in wales with slayer, stu and viv. Good walking...

and swimming... not warm

and riding

part of a new home is a lawn... living the dream (note irony)

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Is not fun.

I am weak - and I know it. I've had enough of packing and the light that is the end of the tunnel needs to get a little brighter :)

Fortunatley I can see into the future... tomorrow = new house. 8 days = 6 weeks off. 9 days = weeks holiday. I am Nostrodamas reborn!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


... to everyone for the kind messages we received after this post. As you can imagine we are really happy :)

The adjustment to the news is taking us time though. After so many years of being racers who lived to train & exercise taking a step back has not been plain sailing. This is especially so when exercise represents you principle form of stress relief, it's our meditation. Nevertheless it's something we've got to do together and so we've sacked off thoughts of racing, stopped planning our training altogether and stopped recording our training. Changing your mindset it a little harder though and watching the national RR champs this weekend resulted in a little upsurge of 'I could have done that' (when I say 'done' I mean dropped after 50 miles, but I could have started!). Great to see Wiggins, Cav et al. riding not 50 miles from my front door!

From Joanne Moseley's visit JUne 2009

The best bit though was seeing Jo, our niece. Brilliant to spend the day with her - a wonderful girl :)

From Joanne Moseley's visit JUne 2009

Winter's coming...

OK so it's not coming very fast but it's never too late to be thinking about night riding and the lights you'll be needed to a) be seen and b) be seen.

Time to do some web shopping.