Sunday, 21 June 2009

Summer's passing quickly...

and a lot has happened. Work is busy, but there's 4 weeks to go to an almost endless summer (6 wks off anyone?). The thought of that is enough to bring a smile to my face :)

But it's playing with my mind, some days are spot on... like last Tuesdays chain gang.

From june 2009 rides and runs (inc shrop challenge)

Others tease you with sunshine then pour on you before cooking you in steamy humidity. On days like that if you find yourself out running and 5 miles from home what you need is a clear path back.

From june 2009 rides and runs (inc shrop challenge)

It was Mayhem this weekend (the event not the verb) and Bobby and I went down to view. Mixed emotions. After 7 participations, inc 2 solo attempts, 5 podiums, 1 DNF and 6 mud-fests I vowed not to participate this year. Deep down I'm glad I didn't. But I'd be lying if I said that seeing Morris and 1000 others participating in a rare dry edition didn't stoke a little fire in the belly.

From june 2009 rides and runs (inc shrop challenge)

Instead P, Bobs, Gill and 10 COBCC riders hit the Shropshire Highlands Challenge sportif. You want 'grass routes'? Then this is for you. There's no hoopla, no big TV screen, no timing and no egos. It's £8.50 with 4 free tea/cake stops served by volunteers. 300 riders from full-carbon-shaven-race-heads to full-bearded-check-shirted-tourers. All types of rider are there. I'm glad I was too.

From june 2009 rides and runs (inc shrop challenge)

Not sure Ritchie was though... heal quick (and Gerald and Andy)

From june 2009 rides and runs (inc shrop challenge)

Of all the photos I took. This sums the day up the best...

From june 2009 rides and runs (inc shrop challenge)


Monday, 15 June 2009

Beautifully shot...

It's in high-def video so takes ages to stream. Best to push pause and do something else till it's all downloaded... it's worth watching in a one-er.


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Early mornings...

are the best bit about good weather. You have them all to yourself and the sense of satisfaction to be had when you use them to do something is brilliant.

Whether it's biking to work (note slightly dazed expression at 6.45 am)

From early mornings june 2009

Or swimming with Hereford Tri Club (thanks Nikki) at 6.00 am

From early mornings june 2009

I'm sure most people will think that's not early, but let me reassure you that it most certainly is.

The hardest bit is the 5 minutes after the alarms gone, when you're in a semi-conscious battle trying to decide whether to go or not. After that (& a little coffee) it's easy. And it's always worth it.