Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Travelling through time...

not really stopping enough to take stock, take photos and reflect.

Nevertheless lots has happened.

From ride 26th april 2009

I've got in some great rides in the evenings. The arrival of spring has really made a difference and it's easy to get out.

We've also been celebrating...

From robs 30th + Bedford 2 day womens road race

A brilliant weekend in the Peak District with 20 of Bobby's friends. Good company, lots of smiles. I organised a little tour of the Peaks for those interested. Not hard core but a great steady ride around the area.

From robs 30th + Bedford 2 day womens road race

I should say I got hammered in the evening, but I didn't. Had a great time though and was lucky enough to stay in one of the best farmstay B&B's ever. Proper middle of nowhere Peak District farm stay. New born calves and lambs everywhere. Farmer wondering around in green overalls and in the room...

From robs 30th + Bedford 2 day womens road race

I used to think such things were merely legend but soon realised that wasn't the case. I then thought that they only existed for the purposes of irony, again wrong. It seems the toilet rolls of the world might not be safe if they weren't being protected from view by a knitted doll. It might not be fashionable but it's icing on the cake of a good chintzy B&B :)

We hit the road early after Bobby's party so P could make the sign on for the Bedford International Womens 2-day road race. We made it to the HQ just in time... after arriving at the wrong HQ with plenty of time to spare. You can imagine the stress as we charge across the countryside trying to find the right HQ. Happy days.

To cut a long story short P was a superstar. Attacking non-stop through the road stages and getting 3rd (or 4th, not sure!) in GC. Brilliant. She guested for Patterson-Altura and loved being part of a team for the first time.

From robs 30th + Bedford 2 day womens road race

I made an appearance at the supporting mens RR. A 2/3/4 affair that largely involved me not being very fast and not using good tactics. I did lead the sprint out though... for the entire peloton. I then let them all beat me, aren't I kind.

It's not possible to pick one highlight of the weekend, but the hospitality of Mike and Teresa definitely gets a mention. Some people are just great. Shame I repaid Mike by boxing him in as I went backwards through the pack at the end of the race... what makes it worse is that he was clearly the strongest man in the race. Sorry just isn't enough.

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