Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Majorca calling...

From majorca april 2009 b
Yes, we were there to ride... but this is the best shot of the holiday. Sitting on the balcony feeling suitably knackered, stuffed full of the buffet dinner and book in hand. It took me a few days to chill out but once that occurred then it was spot on.

From majorca april 2009 b

Munching dirty cakes was the second aim of the holiday, and was a close second. I have to say that Paula's choices in bakery product were pretty weak... big lumps of choc cake were always the way forward.

What really made the difference though...

... were the people we met. Gemma and Nick Collins showed us round the Soller reverse route and Nick put me in the Pain Cave. And we were really lucky to meet Pat & Jackie and Stuart & Jools from our hotel.

We continue to be extremely fortunate with the people who we bump into in life... people who share the same outlook (although a caveat to this is the old/posh/snobbish and rude people who had the room next to us. Who says that age gives wisdom?!)

From majorca april 2009 b
Top ride? Can't pick one. Best views though? Sa Calobra. The road winds down like this for 10 km. Dead end though so it's a cheeky climb.

From majorca april 2009 b
And I hate it when this happens. Cost breakdown: New skin = free, New shorts & bar tape £60, the feeling as your brand new bike scrapes down the road = priceless :(

The last day threw up some surprises. Plan was for 3 hours steady with new amigo Pat before getting home to pack up and fly out.

It was sunny on departure and sunny through coffee. Then black clouds amassed like I've never seen before. It reminded me a film when something really evil is about to appear. Needless to say it monsooned on us as we rode back. Proper big heavy rain with 2 inches of standing water on the road and the occasional flurry of cm diameter hail stones. We stopped briefly (and were still smiling at this point) to poach some plastic sheeting from a farmers shed and then cracked on with Pat driving it on the front to keep warm and to get us home asap.

Shortly after P's body shut down. I think she'd admit that functioning while cold isn't her forte and it was properly cold. Pat and I shepherded her to a cafe (the aptly named 'Stop Cafe' in Petra) where the owners couldn't have been more helpful and welcoming, despite the huge pools of water that we deposited on their floor. To cut it short Pat and his wife Jackie were heroes, helping us get back and catch the flight. It makes you realise that good people aren't all that hard to find at all.

From majorca april 2009 b
Ever been away for 10 days and ridden 600 miles, done 4 runs & 2 swims and been washing your clothes in the hotel bath? If you have then you'll know the procedure on arrival home.

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