Wednesday, 8 April 2009

First 'proper' outing...

First real suffering. There is a big difference between being fit and being 'race fit'. In mountainbiking that difference is all about being able to cope with the variations in intensity... something that it seems I'm not quite ready for yet.

It was telling that I felt great for the first 4 km (of a 40 km race!) then gradually struggled with the changes of pace. I was actually happy to get a flat, better that than gradually and painfully go backwards through the pack. After fixing it I started to enjoy the race and managed to hold steady lap time so all was not lost.

On a good note, the bike was fantastic. I've got it 99% set up and am relearning to ride a soft tail. If you want a fast race bike, or even a fast trail bike it makes sense. Even Oli B copied me and rode an Anthem X0!

P made the toughest decision and didn't race. With sinuses full of snot it was a wise choice, better to not race and get better in a couple of days than to get a beating, not feel happy with your performance and get better in a couple of weeks.

Good to see Morris in action again... and even better to see him stay on the bike to finish. The start of things to come!

Short on photos I'm afraid. Technical issues. One from the phone though, what would you choose to get you and your bike to the race... a Ferrari with a bike rack? I wouldn't... but this driver would. Clearly a lifestyle choice!

Off to Majorca tomorrow... happy days :)

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