Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bold Move...

That phrase always makes me think of belting back from Rotorua in NZ with P and Warwick. The sun was setting and we were driving straight into the glare. After a couple of hundred km's there was a thick coat of bugs and dust on the windscreen and, in a moment of madness, I decided to go for the full 'squirt and wipe' procedure with the wipers. The inevitable happened and visibility was reduced to zero. As we shot towards the now hidden future no one spoke... until Warwick muttered quietly 'Bold Move'.

Since then that's become a kind of a silent catchphrase for me. Whenever a nettle has needed grasping or a metaphorical spot needed squeezing I'm transported back to the interior of an early 90's Purple Ford Telstar crammed full of bikes and smelly cycling kit.

Squirt and wash... and trade temporary blindness in the face of oncoming traffic and a curvaceous road?... or stick with blurred vision and the sense that things are not-quite-right?

Never an easy decision. So I'm always impressed when someone takes a big decision - just like Greg of MudandCowbells. Reading his blog was a stimulating factor in starting my own... and I've enjoyed being motivated by his posts and challenged by his motivations. He's made a big decision and I'm impressed... good luck Greg!

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