Sunday, 1 March 2009

Thank God for...

...shin pain. In this case, without a vicious case of the aforementioned running injury I would have fronted up for the full 30 miles in today's Wye Ultra race. As it was I sacked the 30 mile idea a couple of weeks ago and recruited Mick B and Fletch for what proved to be the dream team!

From wye ultra 1st march 2009
Not only did I enjoy running 10 a lot more than I would have 30, but I enjoyed being in a team much more than I would have running solo. I'd forgotten how motivating the desire to not let team mates down is, especially when you know they have/will nail themselves. The post race banter is also better in a team. Of course, winning helps a bit too!

P stepped up too with Tony... who offered to do 20 when their 3rd team mate couldn't make it. Fair play. Note smiles before and after!

From wye ultra 1st march 2009

Badges of merit also go to Boydie, Rob & Elias, John T and Andy T and to Luke B for supporting. However, to be honest the big story of the day was the number and depth of the solo field. The solo winner bashed it out in about 3:30 (therefore repping 7 min miles on a rolling and multi-terrain course!) and there must have been ~100 soloists out there.

Kudos to those who competed & completed (Nathan & Nikki B amongst them).

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