Sunday, 29 March 2009

Proper pain...

is the pain of trying not to let team mates down. The local 3-up Team Time Trial made that very clear this morning.

From COB TTTmarch 2009

I am definitely lacking zip - happy to chug on the flat at threshold, no worries. Totally unhappy to hit any hills and have to lift the pace to Z6. Engaged thousand yard stare.

Fortunately we had a great team. A philosophy of 'No stress, just ride' and a sensible pacing strategy meant we chugged round nicely.

Chris 'Chairman' Egan was looking 100% Euro-Pro with these bad boys on...

From COB TTTmarch 2009

Luckily I had gone with the sunnies - looking that those without suitable protection is like staring directly at the sun...

Also in the mix on team timetrials this weekend was the pairing of Morris and Rivers. By all accounts it was emotional with Morris unable to move for a couple of hours afterward. Kudos though... 5th overall I hear???

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