Sunday, 15 March 2009

Iron mouth....

is what you get when you dig deep. That taste of blood that's in your mouth but should be in your lungs. If you get that taste then it doesn't matter how you do in the end, you gave everything and that's enough.

Today was a good day. The kind of day that gives ammunition to my contention that Spring is the Dangermouse to the Penfold of Summer (confused? British humour at it's greatest!). Summer may be a bit warmer but you don't get the feeling of freshness and positive energy that a sunny spring day gives you. Summer... hah, overrated!

So - first race of the season. Great COBCC turnout. P, Deadly Nedly, Benny D, Gibbo, Griffer and me.

From inberrow rr march 2009
Griffer off camera - chasing cows I think. Photo-credit to the nice bloke in the car park who offered to take the shot.

The course was a bit cheeky, 75 km and rolling with enough wind to make staying away hard. The hardest bit was a dead turn into a draggy climb, if you weren't in the right place there the elastic was going to get really long.

To cut a long race short the strongest guy in the race attacked with 2 miles to go and I was mega chuffed to bridge over to him and hold off the pack. With a total lack of sprint he was always going to win and I was super happy with 2nd - although I was suffering so much I had a face like I was passing a hedgehog.

The rest of the COBCC team went well with P showing herself at the front and finishing in the pack, not bad for the only woman in a Cat. 2/3/4 race.

No racing next weekend - hopefully setting up the new mtb's.

ps - the new bikes were amazing. Super fast, stiff yet comfy, responsive but not twitchy. I really don't think I would have got second on the old bike so... big thanks to everyone at COB for helping me get the right bike and get it set up spot on.

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