Tuesday, 10 February 2009

No salt shortage in Wales...

For those international readers amongst you there is a road salt shortage here in the UK and we're being warned to be careful whilst driving and to avoid the back roads.

You'll be pleased to know that this advice was totally ignored on Sunday when, despite the minus 4 degree overnight temps and snow on the ground about 60 riders turned up for the Ludlow reliability.

All turned out ok as it became pretty obvious that every gram of salt in the UK is laid in a thick layer on the roads in Shropshire and East Wales.

From ludlow reliability

The pain was largely inflicted by Griffer - who rode there and back and didn't look tired. I, on the other hand, spent time in my pain cave and have now got the annual Feb Fear of the First Race (a three-up TT with Griffer and Benny-Boy).

Fortunately Benny Boy was there to share the pain and share the worry. If I'm gonna suffer, so is he!

From ludlow reliability

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