Saturday, 1 November 2008

Winter is...

here. Not only have I ridden three days in a row wearing 2 pairs of shorts, leg warmers, booties, thermal, cycling top, thermal jacket, winter gloves, skullcap, helmet and sunnies (it takes a lot longer to get out the door in winter!) but we've also seen the first snow!

From sugar loaf walk

From sugar loaf walk

Winter is also slippery... recce'd the COBCC reliability route today and had a little accidental lie down on one of the corners. No rain for a while + frosts + salt on the road + mud from the potato tractors = ripped bar tape and that horrible feeling as you wait to see if the car behind you will squash you or not.

See you tomorrow for the real thing? First group leaves 9:30 (18-20 mph), 2nd group (~17 mph) 9:35, 3rd group (~16 mph) 9:40am. 48 miles, tea and cakes afterwards. £3 with a quid to charity - starts and finishes here. I'll be there... will you? :)

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Warwick said...

hey guys had the Molesworth race last weekend 80kms of single roads also had snow to almost white conditions on drivein and -5 deg temp over night had good first 40kms had bad 2nd 40kms off to rotorua for long weekend of riding Lara's on her new turner now and riding better and crashing bigger but still laughing big hugs Styles