Saturday, 18 October 2008

Road trip...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Proposal: A pilgrimage to the home of cyclocross... a land not known for it's culture or weather... the land of Belgium!!!

Date: Friday 23rd, Sat 24th, Sun 25th of Jan.

Rough plan: Get van, get Eurotunnel, get hotel on Fri eve, sleep, awaken Saturday with race face on, race/spectate World Masters Cyclocross champs on Saturday (to differing degrees of seriousness), eat chips and drink beer, (no) sleep Sat night, awaken Sunday, drive to another cross race, race/spectate (to a low level of seriousness, prob. feeling a little ropey), wash mud off, drive home.

Criteria for racing: A cross bike, a British Cycling license. If you want to be keen you could add shaven legs, fitness and skill to that list... but you don't have to. (Oh and you need to be over 30 to take part in the World Masters... but it doesn't seem that big of deal, you don't even need to pre-enter).

Criteria for spectating: Wellies, waterproofs, a right hand to hold beer, a left hand to swing a cowbell, an ability to shout 'Hup Hup Hup' with a mouthful of beer and chips would be an advantage. A passing interest in cycling or Belgium would probably add to the experience, but isn't mandatory. A warm hat. Patience.

Criteria for participation in road trip: An interest in one or more of the following: Cyclocross, Belgium, Beer, Cowbells, Shouting 'Hup Hup' loudly while wearing wellies and standing in mud, double fried chips, mayonnaise (on chips) or, if you are weird, an enjoyment out of driving a lot of miles in a van with a number of hairy arsed men.

No idea what cross is? Go here to find out (warning, in reality the racing you will see/do will not be as exciting or fast as that which you are about to witness via you tube, and there will be no pumping soundtrack, just the sound of heavy breathing).

Guarantees: There are none. The trip could be crap. It will rain, be cold and generally be miserable (it is Belgium after all). You could puncture in both races and be passed by a fat Belgian who looks like Obilix. It will cost money, prob more that you plan to spend. I will be crap at drinking, no matter how hard I try, and I will go to bed first... no matter how hard I try.

You know it makes sense!

Any questions?


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