Thursday, 9 October 2008

Going to the Big Smoke and I'm gonna...

be amazed by how much of a rural-bumpkin I have become. The volume of people, shops, traffic and coffee houses stuns me. Arrival in the city catapults me into a old-before-my-time state of checking and double checking my travel tickets/wallet/phone/keys in case they are lost and I am condemned to roam the city forever. I'm paralysed at traffic intersections which leave me worried for the safety of the young, old and infirm while I wait faithfully like a trainee cub-scout for the green man before crossing. These are things that I'd forgotten.

I'd also forgotten, and was surprised by, the rudeness of people... isn't it just a little inconsiderate to allow your tiny pooch to run around and in-between a group of people on it's long lead then expect them to untangle themselves while you tut? Or is it just me? I guess that it's not that people were more rude, it's just that there were more people to be rude so it seemed that way.

Was I sucked in though? Didn't I find it just a little exciting? Perhaps I felt just a little bit self-important going to work in London for the day...? Is this the start of a new Mokes... an 'Urban-Mokes'... well no, not really. I did like speeding on my town-bike through Hereford at 6 am on my way to the station and watching the sun rise through the mist as the train rushed along. But I can do those things without spendin 6 hours on a train... I can live without London, just like it can live without me.

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