Sunday, 21 September 2008

You can be my...


From abergavenny cross nps weekend 21 sept 2008

I'm pretty sure this look will take off. In a last minute decision I went with Benny-Boy Dales Aviators over the M-Frames. Despite some mid-race worries that perhaps his garage-issue sunnies weren't shatterproof and that, in the event of a crash, I'd be picking shards of tinted glass out of my retina all was good. They didn't even get sweaty :)

The race itself was a bit emotional. This has been on the radar for sometime. The first round of the cross nationals just 20 miles from out house... and new bikes too?

From abergavenny cross nps weekend 21 sept 2008

Well it would have been rude not to!

P showed that she's got a bit of class and rode a blinder from last on the grid to finish second. Nice work.

From abergavenny cross nps weekend 21 sept 2008

I rode, well if not a blinder then perhaps a small-amount-of temporary-visual-impairment-er and rode from the back of the grid to 18th then back to 20th. After about 40 mins I found the lack of any drink (what's with that?? A crazy rule if you ask me) meant I was dreaming of a cold beverage rather than pouring on the pace. Happy though.

Gibbo was there to also represent CoB - he struggled through some serious snot in the Vets to post a monument to suffering and then hung around with the family Gibbo to help P and me. Many thanks to the Dales and the family Peche who also turned up to lend some much needed hands/support.

On another note - saw a lot of bling wheels. Will we be racing enough cross to justify these?? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

Also, what about this? A long way to go to get my ass kicked, but might be a good trip? Was inspired by this (scroll down to get to the meat of it). Anyone keen?

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