Friday, 15 August 2008

Weddings, holidays and running...

It's been a while since we've looked like this...

And no doubt it'll be a while till we do again. It was all in aid of Bobby and Gill's wedding. Happy days indeed :)

Although these photos are mine, the photo credits for the wedding go to my sister, Beth... a super high-quality wedding photographer with a organised-but-friendly approach... if you're looking for one?

After the wedding it was a long, hungover and tortuous drive to Pembrokeshire for a few days of Moseley-Atkinson celebration's. Great to see the new generation arriving... babies and toddlers everywhere (photos soon). Brilliant!

As for running, the search for the goal continues. It looks like all my efforts to drum up a compadre for the Ben Nevis Half-Ironman have been in vain, and it's a long way to drive solo (esp. at £1.30 a litre and a saturday 8 am start!) so... the Cardiff half marathon is keeping me going (+ the bet i've made, running sub-1:24 might be a bit tricky!). Anyone in the mood for cyclocross?

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