Monday, 28 July 2008

Time's a changing...

The holidays are here... and life is good. So much done, so much left to do :)

It started well at the National Champs. Paula was 2nd Elite woman (and combined with a 3rd at the National Enduro Champs - nice) and I managed to hang on to 3rd in Master men. A good day. It worked out even better as I was feeling like a sack the day before, a bit worn out at the end of term. It was great to stay with family the day before though, I'd forgotten how nice it is to pre-ride the day before, get a good nights sleep then race after a civilized breakfast (rather than finish work on Friday, get to bed late after sorting all the race-crap, then get up a 5 am to drive to the venue with porridge in the car and pre-ride immediately before).

The course suited us to be honest, more of a power course than a climbers circuit. Full-sus was the way to go, although riding a hardtail with 2" tyres at 25 psi helped a lot (tubeless is like selling your soul to the devil, great in every way (faster, more fun, lighter, more comfortable) but you pay for it in lots of little ways (the time/frustration spent getting them to inflate and seal, the cost of new tyres when you get a little tear... argh).

Big thanks of course to all those sponsors who've helped us this season... Climb on Bikes, CSS Computer supplies, Greenapple Sludge, Giant, SIS and Endura.

Thanks to Joolze for the action shots -

It was great to both ride well on the same day. Made the 4 1/2 hour drive up to Bala afterwards a bit more fun.

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