Wednesday, 9 July 2008

It's been some time...

Hopefully this is not part of the normal trend. In fact, in 10 days the summer holidays will start. 6 weeks of holiday to be precise. As a good teacher-friend of mine says, "There's three good reasons to be a teacher, Summer, Christmas and Easter!".

Jealous of 13 weeks paid holiday a year...? You could always re-train and do it yourself?? Nope, didn't think so!

Last weekend was a good one. P and feel like we've got back in the groove after struggling for a while. Nothing seemed to be working... work, riding, chilling, nothing was as 'easy' as it normally is. Why? Who knows. But when the fun stops it's time to keep pushing and wait for the good times to roll again. This weekend was a tipping point I think, now if it would only stop raining!

So... North Wales again. Penmachno. Just right! Trying to work hard, trying to get some zip for the nationals on the 19th. Felt heavy after 2 hours so sacked if off, but good riding nevertheless. Smiles all round!

Followed by Gills Hen do (men allowed). Yes, that's a fake grass skirt... savour it because it doesn't happen often!

Bob's is back on form, and off to Ironman Lake Placid in a week or so. Fingers crossed for some Zoom Zoom!

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