Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Dusty Socks and the path to happiness...

As it happened a chilled weekend of riding was just what I needed. I spent the week struggling to focus my brain or my legs after the 100km. I was just toasted. However, after a relaxed couple of days I was feeling much more bouncy and ready for the last tough session before this Saturdays round of the National Series. As a 75kg 'solid' rider I can't say I fancy my chances for the hill-fest that will be Grizedale... but this Tuesday the 'sensations' (best ever Euro-cycling phrase) were tres-bon. We'll just have to see :)

Also, to get to the point, is there something a little obscene about the enjoyment that can be had in turning a pristine, brand-new pair of 'fresh out of the little plastic zip-lock bag' white cycling socks into these…?

Dust covered off-brown efforts. Yes… black would be more sensible but if you have to ask you’ll never understand… sometimes you have to wear them just to wash them.

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