Monday, 5 May 2008

The Way of the...

... No Brakes. Or at least that's what the last paragraph of this post will be about. In the interim you've got to thank the banks (or the Queen or the government or whoever you feel deserves thanks) for this May Bank Holiday.

After our last experience of the trails in North Wales we returned for a second visit, and the weather was spot on.

Saturday was a new trail, the Marin at Betws-y-Coed. Nice.

All good until, half way round the second lap, my XTR rear mech unwound itself. It slowed me down.. :(

Micky the Fish (Monsieur Le Peche to his friends) & June joined us on Sunday and we motored round a lap of the Beast at Coed-y-Brenin :)

Monday was perfect. Sun shining and our first visit to Penmancho. It has to be my favourite Welsh trail, and one of my top 5 trails full stop.

A great mix of trail types, open spaces with views and claustrophobic woods. It seemingly contours for ages defying gravity

The switchbacks (both up and down) were spot on...

but the best bits, I think, were the boardwalks...

There's something about having the edge of the trail so clearly defined that adds an extra 5 cm to each side of your smile.

Right... sometimes you get thoughts or songs stuck in your head? Today I was trying to ride smoothly and kept casting my mind back to the wise words of my good Kiwi friend Warwick Styles. He taught me about not braking and not pedalling to go faster (not as obvious as it sounds) and was the Zen master of flowing, he carried his speed through everything. It's not easy to be smooth but I'm trying to stay true to Styles' and the Way of the No Brakes.

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Warwick said...

Learnt well you have.the force is strong in this one.