Sunday, 18 May 2008

"It's never just a game...

when you're winning" (George Carlin). Apt quote of the day.

Climb on Bikes Road Race today. Lots of club members (inc. me) turned up to marshal). So many that there were too many. Micky the Fish is not one to use man/woman power inefficiently so three of us got the chance to turn and burn with the group.

The course was cheeky. A proper 10 min climb and a 500m leg burner + quite a few rollers. 3 laps, 100km. To cut a long story short I attacked, rode solo for 15 miles and won. Not normal behaviour for the Mokes :)

Great news in lots of ways... bad news in two. First am now worried that I am peaking too soon and will hit the 'going like crap in June stage' in May, second I think I might now be a second cat rider, so I can't race with P any more :(

To be honest though, I'm just really pleased. I felt a touch guilty for not marshaling when so many others from the Club were, so to win was great.

Big thanks to everyone who shouted support as I quite literally snotted my way to the finish line. Sorry if I happen to coat you in mucus :)

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