Sunday, 27 April 2008

Enduro 6...

... was hard work! Yes, I reckon I am a bit fitter than last year and yes, I was fitter last year than the year before but still... I spent the first two laps in about 6th place, swinging off the back of the front group which was made up of mainly elite men doing the full 6-hr solo (I was racing pairs with P)... while they chatted about their recent holidays :) Who says you need to go to school to get an education!

Nevertheless the big story of the day was the lack of rain. The forecasts have been dog-minging all week and I spent yesterday scurrying around for Continental Cross-Country 1.5" tyres (thanks Luke Bradford!). In the end though it didn't rain at all during the race and then, when the heavens opened the car was packed and the feeling of jammyness just added to the general good vibes.

The course was another good one (not sure I would be saying that if it had pissed down) and the event was run in the normal Pat Adams silky smooth manner. Roll on Mayhem!

There was a big COB presence with 9 teams of two laying down some love on the course. Unluckiest man of the day was Big Dave, while lots of people flatted, only he got to his bike at the end of the Le Mans style run start to find a flat... and then flatted again on the first lap :(

It was great to be in a team with P - and great to finish second on the podium :)

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