Sunday, 16 March 2008


Are rarely fun. This was one that was. Despite a minging day, a flooded course, some general stropping, and of course the pain and suffering associated with a TT it turned out good.

To be honest, everyone who rocked up (all 15 of them) should be chuffed... and the faces after the race...

Looked happier than the faces before!

Luke performed better in the TT than he did in the real competition, the post ride cake scoff... (cheers Clive). I reckon he forked out because he felt guilty about suggesting we all do it.

John Tetley was the deserved winner. I got a short seminar in sustained power today, short as that's all the time it took him to catch and pass me for 3 min.

ps Thanks to all contributors to my present. I'm really enjoying my new toy :)

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