Monday, 31 March 2008

To Ride in Spain...

Has been great :)

I’m not a religious man, but whatever Gods I upset in February are still pretty grumpy. However, they relented for most of the week and so we had had a mixed bag of shorts and beanies.

The snow was a surprise though… and P’s glad she packed her new badass Assos tights (thanks Ben D!).

We fell on our feet with the hotel and the guys here. A really welcoming group (thanks Stuart, if you're thinking of going give me a shout and I'll put you onto him. Cheap, welcoming and good rides. No frills, but in a good way) which worked at the perfect pace, a nice and quiet room on the top floor (no clippie cloppy people above us ;) and enough good food to fuel us through the day. Carpy has been showing us the way, and put us onto a local crit that was going on one evening. Always good to watch other people suffering!

We had a great 100 mile ride, first half with Stu and his group then second half just me and P. Headwinds vicious, tailwinds amazing. A couple of cheeky refuels in the dying hours of the ride were vital. Thanks to Spanish sarnies, coffees and garages (2 litres of Coke administered at the appropriate time makes a huge difference!).

On a different note, we’ve been to Majorca before, so we knew what to expect…

But what has blown me away is (and I say this with the utmost respect) the level of the older guys here. I must be naïve not to have known this (but I guess I didn’t grow up in a road club environment) but the fitness of these guys is awesome. Seventy year old men making me dig deep and laughing about it… and they are riding day in day out. I can only say I hope I’m half the rider they are when I’m 50-60-70.

To be honest the biggest reality check is seeing such amazing athletes eating in the same dining hall as the other British tourists here. It’s no surprise we have an obesity epidemic when you look at the size of some of the families out here…

Keep eating the salad J

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